Popular Crystals Of 2019

Popular Crystals Of 2019

Crystals have been in use for thousands of years. Not everyone believes in their healing power but despite this, they have never been more popular than in 2019. Crystal lovers are happy that these stones have powers that work in their lives and continue believing in them more and more. crystals are precious gemstones that come from the earth where all the power they have originates from. Whether or not you believe in the great healing power of crystals, here are some of the most popular crystals of 2019.

  • Turquoise

These crystals are well known for their all-round goodness. Their specific properties include balance, courage, wisdom, protection, positive thoughts, love, luck, healing, friendship and much more.

Turquoise crystals are the best for people with relationship issues or someone giving a public talk. The stone increases inner calmness and eases fears, depression, anxiety and exhaustion. The crystals also strengthen the immune system and also helps absorb nutrients in the body.

  • Amethyst

For those who are stressed out and are in dire need of stress reduction, this is a good crystal. It brings clarity of thought, wisdom, relief from grief, stress and anger. For a person going through significant life changes in 2019, this is a perfect gift. The crystals are also good for a person who is in the menopausal stage and experiencing insomniacs.

  • Blue Topaz

For those people who need clarity in life, these crystals are perfect. It delivers truth, honesty, abundance, relaxation, forgiveness, good fortune, communication and wisdom. This is a perfect gift for artists, writers, and for saying I am sorry to someone. The Blue Topaz help promote joy, good fortune, and abundance. They also encourage honesty and courage in expressing artistic inspirations and ideas.

  • Crystal quartz

The vulnerable people in 2019 could use this crystal. It’s a powerful stone for meditation, healing and spiritual growth. It helps bring a sense of harmony, clarity, calmness, healing, and energy. It’s a powerful protection crystals amplifying positive thoughts and energy in life.

  • Moonstone

For those people dealing with instability issues, the moonstone does them good. It’s perfect for moms to be or new moms. They promote love, happiness, good luck, feminine energies, and psychic abilities. The moonstone is a personal stone well known as a great meditation aid that helps you understand yourself in a much better way.

2019 is the year of healing, abundance, happiness, and energy and the above stones are the best to provide these properties.

Dec 25th 2019 Karen

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