Metaphysical Crystal Wholesale supplier

Metaphysical Crystals are gaining popularity across the globe. Though it’s not a new thing, the new generation (generation x) is quite excited to dig into its usefulness by experiencing it.

Our bodies and mind are inherently connected and are equally a part of the universe. Therefore, knowing a crystal that will work for you requires knowing which calls for you. Even though reading a short blurb about a crystal or looking at a picture, some explain and stand out better than others.

The crystals are believed to have a natural frequency of healing, which is when activated, they contribute a lot to our movement and energy- a technique called crystal therapy.

Its benefits are seen when the mental power relates to the crystals' energy channeled. When this happens, this energy gets magnified, increasing and modifying the different physical, spiritual, or mental pain.

What to expect from the Metaphysical crystal wholesale supplier?

Crystal healing products are made from a variety of natural stones. It is very important for the crystal healing products to be made from natural stones if your goal is to experience the aura energy. From a Metaphysical Crystal wholesale supplier, you get a wide range of crystal healing products such as:

-        Pendulums

-        Pendants

-        Bracelets

-        Chakra Sets

-        Crystal Gem Trees

-        Pyramids

-        Orgonites

-        Crystal Wands

-        Crystal Tumbles

-        Natural Crystal points

All these products are made from various stones. Now when we say stones there are many types of stones that we know of; however, there are many more we haven’t even heard of. The popular stones for metaphysical crystals are:

-        Amethyst (Best seller on ebay, etsy and everywhere. All the time. Literally!)

-        Quartz Crystal

-        Rose Quartz

-        Tiger Eye

-        Jade Quartz

-        Carnelian

-        Yellow Aventurine

-        Lapis Lazuli

-        Sodalite

-        Chakra Stones

-        Yellow Aventurine

-        Green Aventurine

-        Red Jasper

-        Black Tourmaline

Where to buy metaphysical crystals at wholesale?

Okay, you have made-up your mind in investing in metaphysical crystal business. Great! You have found a channel to sell the products to the customers. Excellent! You have explored and finalized a shipping partner. Bueno! The only thing missing in this equation is an answer to a very important question. Where to buy metaphysical crystals at wholesale prices?

Well, instead of giving you a lengthy, statistical, time-consuming answer, I will provide you with short, direct, and actionable information which will help you select the supplier according to your need.

Now as you are looking for a metaphysical crystal wholesaler you might be thinking to either start a new business or you are already in a business and want to explore more options of suppliers.


Where to look for online?

As you dive into humongous links provided by There are two main source to purchase metaphysical wholesale prices:



Let’s go through them briefly and investigate the pros and cons benefit for each sourcing channel. This will help you decide on selecting the best channel based on your situation. is a primary source to find supplier for many Chinese made products. To purchase from Alibaba, you can search the products you are looking for and get multiple suppliers’ information across the manufacturing countries like China and India.

It’s easy to find supplier from; however, to find a genuine supplier with quality products is sometime very difficult from


-        Wide variety of suppliers

-        Huge range of products

-        Competitive pricing


-        It’s a long tire-some process to source reliable supplier on

-        Product Quality Guarantee is not available

-        Re-ordering is not possible

-        Secured payment gateway in not available is a simple and direct to business website where you can access to a range of Metaphysical Crystals and Sterling silver jewelry. Unlike third-party supplier source, is the direct supplier of metaphysical crystal products across United States, Canada, Europe, UK, and Australia.

You will be able to find a decent range of products in metaphysical products and very affordable pricing. All the product details are available along with the expected delivery date. sends the product from India. Though it sounds a con, but it helps get them lower price on products.


-        Simple and easy to use wholesale portal

-        Direct purchase with manufacturer

-        15-days money back guarantee (No questions asked!)

-        Very competitive pricing

-        Secured purchase


-        Chat with customer support is limited

-        Customization of product is unavailable

-        Products are shipped from India

 Website comparision

Metaphysical crystal supplier selection in a nutshell

Finding a reliable trust-worthy supplier from a huge list of suppliers from is just the first step, what comes next is going back-and-forth with estimates, negotiations, pricing, quality guarantee, shipping time and secured payment.

If you would like to save time and money, place your order on

Either you are an established business or exploring a new horizon, is a reliable supplier for metaphysical crystals and sterling silver jewelry.

The website is straight-forward and a breeze, you are provided with the date of delivery of your order. Their money-back guarantee, product selection, ease of ordering, secured payment gateway and pricing are equal to none.