How to use Orgonite Pyramid?

How to use Orgonite Pyramid?

Orgonite is the name for a form of energy known as Chi, Ether, Prana, or Life Force. An orgonite pyramid on the other hand is a resin composite that has metals and crystals layered in a pattern. The Orgonite pyramid is one of the most renowned items for its ability to convert negative energy to positive energy helping balance the spiritual, physical body and emotions as well.

How do you use the Orgonite Pyramid?

There are many combinations to make an orgonite pyramid. An Orgonite pyramid is made by blending metal shavings and crystals with a resin composite. The resin composite shrinks during the curing process which permanently squeezes the quartz crystal in later, creating a piezoelectric effect inside the pyramid.

How to use an Orgonite Pyramid?

Orgonite Pyramids are beautiful and are believed to be EMF busters. They are believed to have the intense ability to bring a person into healing harmony and positive balance in life.

Though there are couple of ways to use the orgonite pyramid; however, I found this method to be more satisfying.

Start by holding the pyramid in your hand and meditate with it. All your attention should be directed towards the pyramid and all the energy coming from it. The aim here is to try your best and not see the pyramid but feel it.

Communicating your intention to the orgonite project is another vital aspect. Every object has a conscious from the smallest subatomic particles to the entire solar systems. Talk out loud to the pyramid or in your mind as if you are talking to a friend you have not seen in a while. Whichever of the two which makes you comfortable. The aim here is to connect the mind with the pyramid and get the healing properties of the object.

Ask for love, healing, and light for you and the life surrounding you. The Orgonite pyramid appreciates being recognized and acknowledged and it emanates more love towards you. Breath in the healing energy and feel it coming in through your nose to other parts of the body healing the body, soul, and mind as well as the emotions.

You can carry the Orgonite pyramid with you all day and place it in your office. The benefits of the orgonite is transmitted all over its vicinity. This way, you make your workplace friendlier and an entirely happy place.

Orgonite pyramids are beautiful pieces with amazing healing properties. brings you a collection of genuine Orgonite Pyramids made from Natural crystals and copper. You will find the Orgonite Pyramids from at your nearest metaphysical shop.

Oct 5th 2021 Karen

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