How to use Crystal Pendulum?

How to use Crystal Pendulum?

Crystal Pendulums come in various forms of crystals, sizes and shapes. Normally, all crystals will have a point which can either be sharp or blunt. They work as ornaments which are hanged on neck chains. These chains can be made from various materials such as leather, cotton, metal or any other form of materials, as long as they allow free movement of the pendulum around your neck.

Crystal pendulums can be used for various functions such as healing, clearing and detecting blockages in one’s path, and also balancing the chakra. In some cases, they are also used for scrying on ones future, finding something that has been lost or seeking divine intervention on decisions to be made. Crystal pendulums are mostly worn as necklaces for protection purposes, healing or helping you attain certain goals in life, or for any other reason that you may require.

Here are steps on how you can use a crystal pendulum to clear blockages, protect yourself and find the right path in life.

1. Take your pendulum and hold it lightly between your thumb and the fore finger. Ensure that your wrist is relaxed and do not tense.

2. Move your pendulum to any part of your body where you wish to start.

3. Let the pendulum rest on that part, it will be still for a while after which it will start moving. Normally, if your body has no blockages, it will move in a circular motion indicating that the energy is efficiently flowing in this area.

4. If your pendulum makes side to side movements, or fails to move at all, it means, that specific area has a blockage that needs to be removed.

5. If the pendulum indicates that you have a blockage, ask it to clear the blockage and strike a balance in the energy around this area.

6. To confirm that your pendulum has indeed removed the blockage and balanced out the energy, it will start moving in a circular motion as it should and finally come to a stop at the end of that area. Now move on to the next area.

7. Continue the same way until you cover all the areas that you need to.

8. Go back to all the areas that were blocked and notice how the pendulum reacts now.

9. Sometimes, these areas will require more clearance and balancing than the rest of the parts in your body. This will allow the energy to flow freely within the body and achieve maximum protection and healing.

Crystal pendulums are one of the most effective ways of natural healing and protection. Utilize your pendulums in order to realize the best out of these magical creations.

Mar 23rd 2017 Alicia

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