10 Ways to Choose your Crystal

These crystals have a natural frequency of healing that when activated contributes to the movement or body energy, this technique is known as Crystal therapy. Its benefits are activated when the mental power is connected with the energy channeled in the crystals and when this happen, the energy is magnified by improving the different physical, spiritual or mental pain. These are the 10 ways that will help you choose your crystals:

1. Your instinct

Instinct is very important in your choice, because it creates an attraction to a particular crystal, so it is important to feel it,

to concentrate and to perceive the sensations that awakens in our body. Let yourself carry the details, the color or glow, the tingling sensation or the feeling of warmth that one of them makes you feel is a sign that you have found it.

2. Your zodiac sign

The zodiac signs have different crystals associated and for each there is a special one that is recommended to be used as an amulet.

  • Aries: Carnelian
  • Taurus: Green Aventurine
  • Gemini: Citrine and jasper
  • Cancer: Pearls
  • Leo: Carnelian, Red Aventurine, Ruby and the chrysolite
  • Virgo: Jasper
  • Libra: Topaz
  • Scorpio: Green Aventurine, Emeralds
  • Sagirtarius: Lapis lazuli
  • Capricon: Garnet & Onyx
  • Aquarius: Blue Aventurine & Sapphire
  • Pisces: Aquamarine

3. According to the stage of life

All humans’ beings have problems every day, these can be in the social, economic, spiritual and also in love. Likewise if you want to reach at a particular goal, there are stones that can help you. For example, to get a new job will help you the Agate gem, to enhance creativity: smoky quartz and rose quartz for love.

4. Color

Gems possess qualities that are determined by their color. The Blue Color for confidence and tranquility, Yellow for joy, and wisdom, Red is the color of prosperity and attraction, pink for love, white for purification and economy, green is the color of Health, and harmony. Similarly, orange helps to have energy, violet for transformation and black it is the color of total and absolute protection.

5. Form:

The quartz, by its peak serves to direct the energy, the stones that have several peaks are used to work coexistence with others, the spheres help relationships.

6. For the Tarot Arcana:

The healing crystals each have their corresponding tarot arcane, depending on the situation that is currently living or what the person who wants to reach it can be assigned additional information to properly choose their crystal.

7. By “Universal prayer”:

The “universal prayer” or so-called prayer of the faithful pleads for the needs of all men, what you must do is go to a place outdoors, pray the “universal prayer” aloud, ask the great spirit to enlighten you, give thanks for having guided you, once made the order, go to the store of minerals, or the field to find your crystal, if after several attempts do not receive an answer have patience, at some point must arrive.

8. Randomly:

Maybe you think it is a little convincing method but sometimes chance has important messages to give us, have a set of stones at hand, take a deep breath, while you close your eyes and think about what you most want, than choose a crystal, may be that is the crystal you were looking for.

9. Hire a Seer:

If you have tried in different ways and still do not find your healing crystal, hire a seer, you can find them in virtual markets, or you can ask someone close to you, someone can come and meet a trusted person who can provide that information.

10. By Health:

To choose the ideal crystal for each person is necessary to know about the seven chakras or energy centers, these are aligned with the spine and each corresponds to a special part of the body, like this:

Each chakra possesses a group of stone, if you are choosing the correct one. When you have done this, that is why if you choose this method to heal one of the 7 chakras, you must place the stones in order, starting from the root chakra to the crown chakra, this helps to improve the flow of energy. And everyone should be aiming for the chakra you want to heal.

It is advisable to charge your chosen crystal with sunlight until our frequency is balanced with that of glass, this usually occurs in a couple of months. Do not forget to do the cleaning before using it, as it absorbs the energy of those who have contact with him.

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Aug 30th 2020 Alicia

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